Giving and sharing takes away from us,

Does it give us something in return?

O, yes! It does, it definitely does!

It gives us a basketful of smiles

Smiling on you and

The shine of delight on every inch of you

It lightens up your heart 

filled with happiness and glee

It makes you feel

Proud and nice

I shared a chocolate

with my friend,

I felt happy when I saw 

her glad and a big smile on her face

On my granny’s birthday,

I gave her a hug, and Lo! What I got

A bagful of blessings 

that no one ever got!

I petted a stray pup

And gave him some food

In joy, it wagged its tail

And licked me on my foot

It takes a lot of time to think

About sharing and giving

something to someone

But once you decide…

Don’t even wait for a second!!!

Sadhika Patankar 4 C

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)