The joy of giving is wonderful, isn’t it? You must have heard of the saying ‘sharing is caring’. I feel a great sense of fulfillment after sharing.

Most of my friends claim that  I am a very kind and generous boy . In school, whenever I am asked to share my belongings like my eraser, colour pencils, notes, etc, I always agree to do so. Sometimes my friends do interrupt by saying, ‘’Why do you need to ask Ishaan? Of course he will give what you need.’’ They then readily proceed to take the things they want. I do understand, that sharing means that sometimes you have to move out of your comfort zone to assist others. However, I must admit I do get a little reluctant when it comes to sharing my favourite food or drink, even if it’s one sip or a bite. At home I do get a little annoyed when my aunt and sister try to steal a bite or two from my plate. I am working on this habit of mine to improve my sharing habits. The day I felt true fulfillment was when I gave away my favourite Spider-Man school bag and my Ben 10 bag to my maid’s children,who were so overjoyed to have them as their own!  I have given most of my favourite toys to my maid’s children with a joyful feeling of satisfaction and I have felt wonderful after seeing a smile on their faces.

I think giving and sharing are very good traits which can help us build great relations and if everyone is of giving and sharing nature, the world would be a much better place to live in.

By– Ishaan Verma
Std – 5B

V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir