Cuckoobora sits on an old gum tree,
Merry merry king of bushes see,
Laugh cuckoobora laugh,cuckoobora,
Gay your life must be….
The first sweetest lullaby of my mummy,
Like a caterpillar curled up in cuckoos tummy,
Her rhythmic heart beat pumping love soothed my ears,
In a carefree world I  stayed,away from worries and fears..
After mom,it was the turn of  my mother nature,
She showed me that music pervades in her magical sphere,
I would clap at the cawing of the crow sitting on my window,
The mooing of the cows amused me grazing in the meadows…
Now it was the turn of my mentor,my teacher,
Together we explored the road of rhyme and literature,
Sweet poems ,captivating music and swaying actions,
Like dancing birds and smiling flowers,
Life was such a picturesque imagination…