Once was a very friendly chap,

How kind and sweet he was,

Now he cares for noone,

As everyone just see his flaws.

Suddenly people left him,

He couldn’t understand why,

Then he changed and evolved,

Became a heartless guy.

He once used to crack many jokes,

And on his face was a golden smile,

Now that jolly vibes of him,

Have been missing since a while.

How selflessly he used to help,

And be there when needed,

Now he barely does anyone a favour,

Even if they pleaded.

Now he talks to none,

And makes no new friends,

Rejects the old ones,

Who want to make amends.

Now he gives back all the cruelty,

To those who made him cry,

His heartbreaking past experience,

Has made him a heartless guy.

~Krish Kheskani

10 A