Music has a magic healing power which has been known for centuries. When I feel tired, sad or low and then listen to some music, I feel much more cheerful and better. Did you know that music also heals animals? When an animal is not well or in pain and when they go to the vet, sometimes, they make the animals listen to some music. Can you tell me how music makes you feel better? Let me tell you.

Some people who have lost their speech have been known to recover their voice after listening to music because when the music is playing and when they are listening, they also feel like singing, they get thoughts in their brain and then get their voice back. Athletes, who are not well, are known to recover faster than usual after listening to music

Music  helps you get more intelligent and pay attention, Improves your memory, improves athlete’s performance, helps you get more flexible, etc.

After knowing all this about music, I like music even more and I am sure I will help myself by listening to music often!!


Anjali Murthy

Std  IV A

Arya Vidya Mandir (E)