There is no better treatment for illnesses than a remedy that has no side effects but only positive effects. A wonderful remedy for all ailments is music. From rejuvenating our mind to calming our soul and filling us with joy unspeakable, music is indeed a remedy that has outstanding healing powers.

Haven’t we all had a day where we just feel sad for no reason whatsoever, and then grab a pair of headphones to listen to some melodious pieces composed by Beethoven, Mozart or any of our favourite artists? And then we feel much better, happy, and energetic. When going on long and tiring flights or car journeys, the first thing we go to for comfort is music.

Don’t you remember those nights long, long ago when your grandmother sang you to sleep with those beautiful,  soul -touchingly melodious lullabies that she learnt on her mother’s lap some half a century earlier? When babies and little toddlers cry or are uncomfortable for some reason, their mothers calm them down by singing a few sweet words which have an amazing effect.

Music is a wonderful thing that brings joy and pleasure to all.


Ankita Murthy

8C , AVM Bandra East