Drona, a great teacher,
He taught many legendary creatures,
Arjuna was his favourite disciple,
He liked him for his pious principle.

Drona promised him to make the best,
In any form of archery test,
One day a tribal came to drona seeking knowledge,
And requested him not to acknowledge.

The master asked for his caste,
The tribal revealed the fact atlast,
Drona told him he would only teach upper caste,
And to leave for the palace in great fast.

The tribal eklavya made an idol of his master,
And became an invisible archer,
Once drona and arjuna came to the forest,
The former considered the tribal’s archery the greatest.

Drona asked for tribal’s master,
And was surprised to see his answer,
And demanded his thumb as a gift,
Eklavya offered it as a token of great respect.