There is a lot of resistance in all of us to change. We keep doing things that we are familiar with and are comfortable in doing. Although God, through His wonderful creations, is constantly telling us that change is not only beautiful but is also essential for life to continue and evolve. If the caterpillar does not struggle to break out of its comfortable and cozy cocoon, there would be no butterflies. If a seedling does not break out of its seed coat, there would be no plants. If there was no change, the life that we know today would not have ever existed. Man would not have gottten down from trees to stand and walk.


If man hadn’t dreamt of changing the way he lived, worked and enjoyed, we wouldn’t have seen so many inventions. The Wright brothers imagined that human beings could fly and now we not only fly across continents in little time but have also been to the moon and to Mars. Who would’ve thought that one day we would be able to talk through wires? Alexander Graham Bell did just that and invented telephones, and today telecommunication has evolved to such a level that we can not only talk but also see the other person while talking, even when we are continents apart. Inventions and much improvement in medical science have improved the quality of life and increased the life span of human beings.


All this change is thanks to human beings who dared to go beyond the known. They questioned what existed before and they dared to change it.


Ojas Bajaj

5th A

AVM Bandra East