Failing is a piece of canvas,

Making it graceful is an art,

Accepting it makes us a gem,

For it leaves a beautiful mark on the heart.


Yes, the mark is beautiful,

It has colours of our personality,

Of our struggles, of our compromises,

The colours of what we need for victory.


It teaches us for sure,

But it shapes us for more,

It unveils unseen creativity,

It develops unknown flexibility.

Failure is beautiful,

Along with being fruitful.


Realizing its bliss is tough,

For the path ahead is rocky and rough.

But failure has its own beauty,

With its rugged terrain and cracked fluidity.


Accept it or not failure encourages us to do more

Face more

Hear more,

Sense more

And without it the world would be invincible,

And along with that invisible,

To pain, to sadness, to belief,

There would be no empathy, no sympathy,

For failure you have never seen.


Failure is important if you want more,

But more important than that is realization

And your life’s synchronization.

Failure’s beauty is one thing not to miss,

Face it and don’t worry, enjoy its bliss.

Manya Chopra


AVM Juhu