2G, 3G and 4G. These are words which may sound familiar to you and which you may correlate to immediately. What do they mean? The alphabet ‘G’ here stands for the word generation. Generation is the time or era of people or events. There was an era when our great grandfathers lived fighting for our country’s freedom. Today we live in a ‘Free India’ where we the people are governed by our own elected representatives like Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi.

Generations are like wheels that keep moving and making changes. Today, we live in a time where we don’t need to send messages using pigeons or telegraphs or wired landlines. We live in the era of mobile phones where not only can we make voice calls but can also see the person on the other end through video calling.

There was a time when payments were made by barter followed by currency exchange. Today the same system exists but in a virtual or plastic money form. I live in a generation of mobile wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge and so on. Money is possessed and handled by people in my generation from an early age. When we take an exam or participate in a competition there are times when the winners are felicitated by getting scholarship money. We deposit these in our bank account having a cheque book, ATM card and internet facility.

Like everything has two sides to it, same thing applies for the facilities enjoyed by us. With time playing has become more on the electronic medium like the video games and on tablets as compared to the livelier form of running outdoors. While technology has its merits we have become a slave to it. Today if I want to know the meaning of a word I simply ‘ask google’ which has made me lose the joy of using a dictionary. Nevertheless the modern system buys me time to learn or to do more things.

My generation cares about the environment. Today we get electronic bills versus paper bills which are made by destroying trees. Today if we need to watch a movie, we need not buy plastic cassettes or compact discs but simply download it on our computers. We can also view them on applications like ‘YouTube’. My father was born in the era of landlines where the telephone numbers could be found in giant sized telephone directories. Maps were published once in few years making information obsolete.Today I am proud to live in an era of Google where I can find contact details of people in a moment and live and accurate maps. I can stay in touch with my far away friends through the social media.

I am a child of the twenty first century and feel blessed to be born in this era where old and new coexist. I have the values of my ancestors and the resources of the modern world. This is my generation, this is my identity.



Acyut Saraf

5 A, Bandra East