MUSIC:The Magical Therapy

Whether it is the blood-pumping rock, soul-touching blues and country, the catchy rapping, memorable folk and classical music, the dancing that comes only with pop; jazz; hip-hop and electronic music, all these are sure to sooth...

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The Songs Of Music

Music  has its roots through ancient times. The boundaries of music are not confined to humans but include every aspect of our environment as everything has its own sound and rhythm, one can find music in the movement of leaves,...

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Music Is Hope – Aashayein

Victor Hugo said , “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” I would not be lying if I say that music is my best friend. Every song I hear has a different meaning and somehow I can...

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MUSIC is what I want to be

Music is a part of our soul, To be like her should be our goal. Selfless, kind and forgiving, She never minds a mistake. Sharing and caring, To her, it doesn’t matter WHO plays. Helpful, not to one but all, Bringing...

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Music: Gods Universal language

As the tune reaches my ears all the tensions and worries are long gone, Then emotions of happiness and ecstasy are born; Music makes me forget all my pain, Brings out the sunshine when all I can see is rain; Music is the ray of...

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Music is Magical

The sun hung merrily in the sky; shining down on mankind in all its resplendent glory. The soft fluffy clouds waffled through the pale, blue sky. The journey for the man with a flute had just begun on a street weary of travelers...

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संगीत – मेरी आत्मा

संगीत! मेरी जिंदगी का एक अहम हिस्सा है। संगीत में केवल सुर या राग नहीं होते, उसमें भावनाएँ भी होती है। संगीत मेरी और सबकी आत्माओं में बसता है, उसकी धुन , उसके शब्द मन को शांति देते है। इंसान भले ही कितना भी दुखी हो पर अपना...

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Music is one of the most important and powerful influences in everyone’s lives. Broadly categorizing music into 2 Genres – Indian & Western. Western -There are different genres in music such as Pop,Electro House,Deep house,...

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        Therapy with the help of music is no longer a joke. It was discovered in ancient times that along with music being relaxing and entertaining, it can be used to cure various diseases like cancer and is also used in...

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