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पर्व धनतेरस का

भारत मे हर पर्व किसी न किसी वैगानिक मान्यता पर आधारित होता है।हर पर्व के पीछे कोई न कोई घटना जुडी होती है जो हमें अपने गौरव पूर्ण अतीत का स्मरण कराती है। दीपावली से पूर्व धनतेरस का पर्व आता है इस दिन लोग नए पात्र खरीदते हैं।इसके...

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Myths and legends are an integral part of human existence. They have been around us all the time. Though their validity is susceptible, nobody seems to mind as they stand as a proof of the human belief in divine powers. Here I...

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Once upon a time, there was a Kuru Dynasty, The princes of the empire , Were brave, courageous and feisty. Pandavas and Kauravas they were called, Kauravas were arrogant and spoilt. But the Pandavas had faith in the lord....

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The Voice of the Lord

The voice of Lord Krishna pervaded the moans of agony that the battlefield of Kurukshetra reverberated with. Sword against sword and death after death……the Pandava Arjuna looked around his chariot, disgusted with the harrowing...

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By Sai Sankhe, Class 6B, AVM Juhu Let us go to the land of Ayodhya, To hear about Ram and Sita, Who left to go to the forest, Just on their father’s request, There, the demon Ravana came in disguise, And Sita fell a prey...

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Indian Mythology

By Dhruv Kikani, Class 8C, AVM Juhu One day, as the sun bade goodbye Over the skin tanned mountains of India The deities of the Earth looked at the sky As if in prayer; arms held high. The forms of Vishnu inspire the heart, The...

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