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By Manya Chopra, Class 4B, AVM Juhu Krishna and Radha, Rama and Sita, They are our tradition, And preserving it is our mission.   We should respect it, We should honour it, We should protect it, And we should follow it....

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Indian Mythology

By Dhruv Kikani, Class 8C, AVM Juhu One day, as the sun bade goodbye Over the skin tanned mountains of India The deities of the Earth looked at the sky As if in prayer; arms held high. The forms of Vishnu inspire the heart, The...

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Shanta — The Forgotten sister

By Nayna Taneja, Class 4C, AVMJuhu A few days back, I saw a serial on Indian mythology and learnt that lord Ram had a sister .In so many years that I heard mythological stories I had never heard of this one. Shanta was...

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By Sia Diwan, Class 5B, AVMBW R Religion personified A Always in our hearts, M Master of the universe, A All time favourite K Keep chanting his name R Remember him all the time I in our minds S showering us with blessings H...

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RAMAYANA ~ True Indian Mythology

By Anagha V Giri, Class 7C, AVMBW To Ayodhya’s great King Dashrath, Was born a princely boy, who was destined to bring to his subjects great happiness and joy.   At oral lessons, due to his memory, he was undoubtedly...

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Hanuman The Devotee Of Lord Ram

By Krish Chandndani, Class 5C, AVMBW RamJi was the rescuer of Sita , HanumanJi the monkey faced God could run faster than a cheetah. RamJi killed Ravan, HanumanJi’s father’s name was Pavan.   RamJi was sharing and caring,...

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