There are nine planets in one such place

which is called outer space


Where billions of stars twinkle each night

making the sky full of light


The dominant sun gives out its eloquent rays

increasing the temperature of the days

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There are elusive comets and shooting stars

which we look at and wish from far

Where a moon, enormous and white

reflects the sun’s extremely bright light


There may be many rumors about aliens and UFO’s

people say that they have green hands, legs and toes


The marvellous outer space is filled with magic and mystery

that is exactly the place I’d want to see!





मेरी यात्रा का वर्णन

मेरे विद्यालय मे हर वर्ष बैसाख के महीने में ग्रीष्मवकाश होता है और इस वर्ष भी था,बहुत  साल तक मेरा परिवार और मैंने कई ऐशियन देश घूमें  है और  एशिया के कई देशों की यादें भी हमारे पास हैl इसलिए इस वर्ष हम पूरबी  यूरोप मै ;हंगरी, ऑस्ट्रिया और चेक रिपब्लिक के पर्यटन पर निकलेl यूरोप हम पहले भी जा चुके हैं और वहां के रहन-सहन का हमें स्मरण है क्योंकि एशिया के देशों का रहने का ढंग यूरोप के देशों से बहुत अलग है, इसलिए हम पूरी तैयारी के साथ गएl हमारी हवाई यात्रा थी वह भी मुंबई से नहीं, दिल्ली से पर दिल्ली जाने से पहले हम अपने गृहनिवास लखनऊ गए मेरी दादी जी और बुआ से मिलने फिर हम दिल्ली मेरे चाचा जी के घर पहुंचे थोड़ा विश्राम करने के लिए क्योंकि हमारी हवाई यात्रा रात के तीन बजे थीl हम  ढाई बजे दिल्ली के इंदिरा गाँधी अंतराष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डे पहुंचेl हमें तुर्की कि राजधानी इस्तांबुल से होकर जाना था, हंगरी की राजधानी बुडापेस्ट पहुंचने के लिए और हम बारह घंटे के अंतराल में  बुडापेस्ट पहुंचे और विश्राम कर बुडापेस्ट की सैर करने निकलेl हंगरी के बाद हम ऑस्ट्रिया  गए, वह भी ट्रेन से, जिस मे हमें यूरोप की खूबसूरती को पास से देखने का मौका मिला l अंत मै हम चेक रिपब्लिक पहुंचे और वहां भी ट्रैन से ,सच में  वहां का नज़ारा काबिलेतारीफ था. चेक रिपब्लिक की राजधानी प्राग में हमे बहुत आनंद आया वहां हमने  प्राग कैसल देखा जो बहुत मशहूर था और वहां के सबसे पुराना पुल चार्ल्स ब्रिज को भी देखाl हम वापस आये इंस्तांबुल से होकर ही क्योंकि हमारा विमान वहीँ  से बदलने वाला था l मेरी यह यात्रा सुखद थी  क्योंकि मुझे अलग-अलग देशों के बारे में जाने का अवसर मिला और वहां पे रह कर उन्हें समझने का भी l

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विरल वत्सल


आर्य विद्या मंदिर बांद्रा(पश्चिम)

Bug of the Black

Imagine yourself in the place of a bug you captured while strolling around the park. It must be clueless as to what happened to it. How the soft sunshine it roamed in freely turned into total darkness. More so, imagine a bug that’s born in the palms of your hands and stays there for its entire life. Its horizon would be the crease between your hands. That’s us on the earth floating through space. All we have known is black. Since the beginning of time, we have been surrounded by this black envelope and nothing beyond. We seem to know so much about the universe but still it seems like nothing compared to all the unanswered questions we have about this universe. The birth of it for example, it’s just a theory. The bug doesn’t know what happened before its birth. How the palms came around it.  He can only imagine what must have happened. That’s exactly what our situation is. The bug will never know what lies beyond the envelope of your hand, if there is anything beyond it in the first place. Again our situation is no different. We don’t know what lies beyond the edge of our universe. We don’t even know if anything lies beyond it at all.

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Our universe lies vastly unexplored. But we are lucky to be born in this generation. We are born at the starting line of this race towards knowledge, about our world and this mysterious yet fascinating black envelope.






Memories I Cherish


“The brightest memory fades faster than the dullest ink.” ~Claudia Rankine.

I never really visited many places within India, as I thought there was not really much to do here except to visit ancient temples or valleys, which I wasn’t much a fannnnnnnn of. But Rishikesh was unusual. when my mother told me about it“ Oh, another boring old place I thought. But no, was I in for a ride! Exactly the opposite of what I expected, it was one of the most adventurous and exciting places I had ever visited.

The place I was staying at was called Atali Ganga, due to its situation in Atali Dogi, and it being close to the river bank of the Ganges. I busied myself with  white water rafting.  Although it isn’t  much of a deal for many people, getting up at six in the morning and pushing a raft forward twenty kilometers using all my strength, was quite a big one for me, and a fun one too. The most entertaining part of rafting, as anyone who has done it will know, is the rapids  in the river. Just as my fellow raft-mates and I saw one up ahead, we knew we were in for some thrills. Clutching the side of the raft, while swift river rapids are tumbling your raft side-to-side, sometimes even upside-down, is quite an exhilarating experience! Even the people rafting with me were quite cheerful, and made us all laugh, while an old man encouraged me too to do somersaults  off the boat with him.

Although it was for a very short time, and not as thrilling as some would say adventures were, it was one of the best that I have had, and gave me some of my most cherished memories.

Harkaran Dua

Class: 9 C

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (West)