Memories change every time we recall them

There is a game that we play known as Chinese Whispers. In this game people take turns whispering a message into the ears of the next person in line. By the time the last person speaks it out loud, the message has changed from the original. It has been altered with each person passing the message.

Our memory is a lot like this game. Whenever we remember an incident from the past, our brain makes a change in ways that can alter the later recall of the event. This means, when you remember this incident for the second time, you might not recall the original incident but what you remember the previous time.

Our memory cannot produce an image of the original incident by time travelling back to the original incident. The image can be somewhat distorted because of the prior times you remember it. You might recall not the original but what you remembered the previous time.



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MUSIC – Gift Of The Gods

There are many forms of music. Sometimes music also helps a lot of people to recover from sickness and bring happiness in their souls. Music is a very good and relaxing way to fill your heart, mind and body with peace, joy and ecstatic moments. It is believed that music is a very precious gift given by the gods. It’s power is so strong that it will make you feel that you are filled with joy. It is your best friend and helps you in many ways. You can read it’s notes, sing with it and you can also dance with it. 

Priyal Didwania


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Musical Therapy

There is no doubt that music has the ability to impact the human body. After all, we respond to a beat by tapping to the rhythm, more than we respond to a flashing light or image.
Music therapy benefits patients of all ages: from using lullabies to help the development of premature babies to playing big band songs to boost elderly Alzheimer patients’ spirits and appetites. It really does not matter what music is used, although classical music is thought to be more relaxing to the human body.
Music, both vocal and instrumental, is considered to be of divine origin and is closely identified with the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The Goddess Saraswati, depicted with Veena in hand, is venerated by all students and performers of Indian music as the divine patron of music and learning.
Similarly in the Hindu mythology, Krishna, by means of his flute, fills himself and the universe with bliss. He distracts everyone and everything from normal activity and enchants them to revel in ecstasy. His music explodes upon the world and society insisting that all else be forgotten. It is time, it proclaims, to join in his symphony of joy, to frolic in the forest, to scamper in play, to realize every dream that one has ever dreamed in his world of infinite possibility.

By Saanvi Mundra

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The Healing Power of Music

Music has a magic healing power which has been known for centuries. When I feel tired, sad or low and then listen to some music, I feel much more cheerful and better. Did you know that music also heals animals? When an animal is not well or in pain and when they go to the vet, sometimes, they make the animals listen to some music. Can you tell me how music makes you feel better? Let me tell you.

Some people who have lost their speech have been known to recover their voice after listening to music because when the music is playing and when they are listening, they also feel like singing, they get thoughts in their brain and then get their voice back. Athletes, who are not well, are known to recover faster than usual after listening to music

Music  helps you get more intelligent and pay attention, Improves your memory, improves athlete’s performance, helps you get more flexible, etc.

After knowing all this about music, I like music even more and I am sure I will help myself by listening to music often!!


Anjali Murthy

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Once a huge black serpent called Kaliya came to live in the river Yamuna. He poisoned the water of the river with his venom. The people of Vrindavan were very scared of the serpent, who was very strong.

One day Krishna decided to teach Kaliya a lesson. He jumped into the river to kill the serpent. Kaliya was furious and rushed to attack Krishna, but before the snake could catch him Krishna quickly climbed on Kaliyas head. To shake him off, Kaliya tried to coil around Krishna and crush him. He even tried to survive under water without breathing. Eventually, Kaliya got tired. Krishna then started jumping and stamping on Kaliyas head and the serpent started vomiting poison.

Kaliya bowed and begged Krishna for forgiveness and quietly left and the people of Vrindavan rejoiced.