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Unforgettable Childhood Memories

A memory peddler came to my house one day, To ask if I had any memories to give away. I thought,  memories? I may have one to spare, After all, when it comes to memories, everyone has a fair share. I remembered, faintly –...

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Overcoming anger to find inner peace

             Music that suits (oops sorry) soothes anger. Well, you and I know that we don’t live in a perfect world, where the sky is always blue and  shining and the birds are always singing. There are times when, because we...

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सात सुरों से बंधा ब्रम्हांड

  सा- सारे विश्व का ब्रहमा ने किया निर्माण रे-रेशम जैसे सुर मुरलीधर कृष्ण भगवान ग-गणेश जी की आरती पूजा सजाएँ म-माँ सरस्वती बजाए वीणा के मधुर स्वर प-प्रार्थना की शक्ति असीमित ध-धरती माँ का करो सम्मान नी-नियम से करो भगवान का...

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