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The Joy of Giving and Sharing

From the joyous faces to the fulfilling reactions, making you feel happy. and adding to list of good deeds, and interactions. Behind the happiness of living , is the secret of giving. From the kid on the road, to your peers,...

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The Things You Share

The things you share, You get them back. It may be a pair of clothes, Or even a bag pack. The joy when you give and share, Is the best feeling in the World. It may be love and care, Or even an anger rue. You can share a smile,...

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Poem of the past

A past of tears, Never fear. A past of regret, No need to fret. A past of sorrow, There’s always tomorrow.   The past is a preacher, The past is a teacher. The past preaches to be filled with glee, The past teaches...

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Happiness is not something ready-made. It’s not something you can buy from the grocery store or the mall. All successful people like – Lionel Messi, the football legend and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon – and the...

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A Change In Technology

Technology and Banking Banking has been with us since the merchants of Ancient Babylon started offering grain loans to farmers who needed to transport goods between towns. In the 1990’s in India, one has probably spent...

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Music: Gods Universal language

As the tune reaches my ears all the tensions and worries are long gone, Then emotions of happiness and ecstasy are born; Music makes me forget all my pain, Brings out the sunshine when all I can see is rain; Music is the ray of...

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I love to cook. The sound of food while it is cooked  is music to my ears. A tadka in hot flavoured dal is the sound of waterfall to me specially when I’m terribly hungry it cools my boiling intestine. The pop of popcorns...

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