The Joy of Giving and Sharing

From the joyous faces to the fulfilling reactions,
making you feel happy.
and adding to list of good deeds,
and interactions.
Behind the happiness of living ,
is the secret of giving.

From the kid on the road,
to your peers,
shortcomings are one thing,
that everyone fears.
Helping someone with their trouble,
is better than ,
ignoring them with a mumble.

The smile that has ,
the power to melt a frozen heart.
Behind that smile,
is a move ever so smart.
A selfish brain is of no use,
the only thing it can give,
is a bruise.

The smile of the receiver,
is very contagious.
It spreads more joy ,
than any fuss.
Stopping the tears from being shed.

Exchanging the tears with happy thoughts,
which they have before going to bed.
Behind the happiness of living,
is the secret of sharing and giving.

Gayathri Jayesh
VCW Arya Vidya Mandir

The Things You Share

The things you share,
You get them back.
It may be a pair of clothes,
Or even a bag pack.

The joy when you give and share,
Is the best feeling in the World.
It may be love and care,
Or even an anger rue.

You can share a smile,
You shall get it back.
Or something to a needy person,
Like a food item that is packed.

At the end of the day,
You get what you give,
A smile beaming,
Like a ray 🙂

Rashi Tanna

VCW Arya Vidya Mandir,

Bandra East

Poem of the past

A past of tears,

Never fear.

A past of regret,

No need to fret.

A past of sorrow,

There’s always tomorrow.


The past is a preacher,

The past is a teacher.

The past preaches to be filled with glee,

The past teaches how to be free.


A past filled with humanity,

A past full of insanity.

A past filled with history,

A past full of mystery.


A past too cheerful,

A past so tearful.

A past filled with merry times,

A past full of terrible crimes.


The past might be a teacher,

The past might be a preacher,

But never the judge of tomorrow’s future.


By Sarosh Homavazir


VCW AVM, Bandra East


Happiness is not something ready-made. It’s not something you can buy from the grocery store or the mall. All successful people like – Lionel Messi, the football legend and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon – and the richest man in the world – have all worked throughout life to achieve happiness.

Poor people do not have much to look forward to, so any good that comes their way lights up their day. There are millions of ways to spread happiness. Giving gifts, food, donating to charity are all material ways of spreading happiness. Spread of happiness does not have to include a transaction of money. You don’t need to be rich or happy. The real way to touch someone’s heart is to sacrifice something, to share your happiness. You may crack jokes, you may share your food and share good memories. Often sad people are lonely, you can befriend them or even give them a hug. Any step to being happy may seem small to you but even a little happiness goes a long way. When each person does even one good deed to spread happiness and goodwill, everyone will be inspired to help another and make them happy. This way happiness will spread and sadness will be uprooted.


Happiness is like a clay pot that you need to work hard to mould, and sit for hours on a wheel as you see the pot taking the shape and later as you see how beautiful your creation has become, you get happiness.


Vihan Patil

Class 9B

A Change In Technology

Technology and Banking

Banking has been with us since the merchants of Ancient Babylon started offering grain loans to farmers who needed to transport goods between towns.

In the 1990’s in India, one has probably spent considerable time in bank queues, to withdraw money, deposit cash or cheques and other transactions. Banks now offer opportunities online and on the Mobile. It’s possible to do everything online, from simple transactions to complicated issues such as applying for a loan, thus increasing efficiency by saving time, money energy and making it more error free. What a change!Related image

Technology and Communication

Recent advances in technology over the last few decades have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. At the heart of this revolution is the Internet, breaking down barriers of distance and cost to make us more connected than ever before.

Cell phones
Cell phones and other mobile devices such as tablets enable us to communicate with hundreds of contacts with a few taps on the screen. It is no longer necessary to use face-to-face contact and speech to communicate – we can use short SMS messages, or leave a voicemail, or send a tweet from our phones.

When speaking on the phone is not enough; Skype can be used to see the person.
This is a good substitute when people are far apart they use this to communicate face to face.

Related imageEmail
Emailing is the art of letter-writing of the 21st century. It enables us to send the same message to dozens of people at the same time, and it enables us to accompany our words with images, links and other files. Email has made communication more varied and flexible, giving us new ways to spread information, make new acquaintances or apologize for wrongdoing. If we don’t want to meet a person, or we can’t, it can be done by Email.


Social Networking
Social networking is all about sharing. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have transformed the way we communicate with people across the world.  It has opened up new ways of communicating with our friends and family that in the past would have required tremendous amount of resources of time, money, gadgets etc.,
Technology has made communicating with others so easy that it is often necessary to try and limit the use of these tools to avoid overload.


Technology and Healthcare
Remote surgery (also known as telesurgery) is the ability for a doctor to perform surgery on a patient even though they are not physically in the same location
Remote surgery combines elements of robotics, cutting edge communication technology such as high-speed data connections and elements of management information systems. Most of these robots are controlled by surgeons at the location of the surgery.
In future it promises to allow the expertise of specialized surgeons to be available to patients worldwide, without the need for patients to travel beyond their local hospital.Related image







         9 B

A.V.M B.W.

A Changing Society is a Progressive Society

The recent demonetization scheme introduced by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is a positive change in our society that will lead to the progress of our nation.

This scheme aims at extracting all the illegal money owned by Indian individuals and companies thereby making India a corruption free country. By implementing the scheme of demonetization, the government aims at putting a stop on dishonest dealings and other malpracticeImage result for 2000 rupees notes and our aspirations of becoming an ideal nation will be accomplished. In my opinion, this is a very bold decision taken by the Prime Minister and must be supported by all the citizens.

Although people have to wait in long queues outside banks, ATMs etc to exchange or withdraw money to carry on their day-to-day transactions, they are willing to do so for the betterment of the country as demonetization will ensure elimination of counterfeit currency. People are logically thinking about why this tough stand was taken.

We must ensure that all optimistic decisions of the government get full support from the citizens so that we achieve success. If this goal is accomplished, we will be able transform India into an ideal state and progress towards making India a superpower……

Kashish Hemrajani

Class 9B

A.V.M. Bandra (West)





Music: Gods Universal language

As the tune reaches my ears all the tensions and worries are long gone,
Then emotions of happiness and ecstasy are born;
Music makes me forget all my pain,
Brings out the sunshine when all I can see is rain;
Music is the ray of hope in the darkest of times,
Knowing that time moves forward, the clock always chimes;
Music is the escape from reality,
Just like the song of the lashing wild waves of the sea.
 Music that friend that stays by your side,

Even after it is all over and your tears have dried,
It pulls you into a world of its own,
As it warms up a heart as cold as stone.
Music is the rhythm to which your heart beats,
It is the feeling that you get when your inner voice speaks,
It is the sound that leads you to the divine,
And  the positive energy that makes you feel alive.
Music can attain utmost purity,
And hence music is my therapy.
Image result for music
Anushree Shah
Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (west)


I love to cook. The sound of food while it is cooked  is music to my ears. A tadka in hot flavoured dal is the sound of waterfall to me specially when I’m terribly hungry it cools my boiling intestine. The pop of popcorns assisted by its savoury and buttery aroma takes me to a warm place. The whistle of the pressure cooker blowing out the fragrance of rice or chana transports me mentally to the dining table even if I’m watching my favourite show on TV. Not to forget the loud stirring of milkshake in the mixer waters my mouth and is bliss for me. A sizzling brownie drenched in liquid hot chocolate sauce  camouflages my breath and I loose it to gain the other. The list can go on if you love food and music. Try it.


YASHNA PANDITRelated image