Vacation Destination: London

London is one of my favourite vacation spots. I go to London almost every year because my grandfather lives there. I always have fun as we do something new every year. This year we did a lot of shopping, met my grandfather and even did a little sightseeing.

This year my hotel was right next to the Wembley stadium. For the first few days we spent time with my grandfather, and then came my favourite part: the shopping! We went to the London designer outlet and shopped for shoes and clothes.  One time we even went swimming in the indoor pool because of the weather outside.

After two weeks at the hotel we went to stay at my aunt’s house. I really enjoy visiting her because she is also fond of drawing, just like me, and she always teaches me something new..

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We went to meet my cousins, and I enjoyed their company a lot. Together all of us went to a dessert parlour and stuffed ourselves. I had a blue bubblegum ice-cream that was massive, and at the end of it my tongue was blue! Later, we visited some more shops and ended up buying loads of shoes, clothes, accessories and even gifts for my friends. oxford street

We had decided to take a double decker bus to Oxford Street, and the view from the top was so amazing. We even saw a musical called ‘Mamma Mia”. The songs were taken from an album of the famous band “ABBA”. It was a wonderful experience.

We came back from this wonderful trip on the 7th of June and I was sad that my vacation officially ended, but I got to see my friends after a long time and felt very happy to see them


Dheeya Shah


AVM Bandra West

On my way -Travelogue Sri Lanka

There are many fascinating places in the world. We see pictures of them in books and television. There is one place which has made a permanent place in my heart, and whose memories always leave me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. So now, I am going to go into the depths of my mind and conjure up the most beautiful place that I have ever visited.

The name of this bewitching place is Sri Lanka. It is famous for its rich heritage, beautiful landscapes, sun kissed beaches and mythological epicenter of the Ramayana. Last year in the month of May my dad announced that he would be taking us to Sri Lanka. I was all agog to see this enchanting destination. Since we left home at midnight I had to wrestle with my sleep deprived body to finally find myself standing droopy eyed at Colombo airport. What I saw next took all my fatigue away! At the airport we were picked by a luxurious SUV my dad had booked. It had all the amenities that I desired; it had Wi-Fi, reclining seats, an excellent music system, a stocked up fridge and a small television. Our first destination in Sri Lanka was the Pinnawala elephant orphanage which is the largest enclosure of captive elephants in the world. Here injured and orphaned elephants are nursed and nurtured. We saw bottle milk feeding of baby elephants; we fed older elephants various fruits and witnessed their elaborate bathing session. Next we headed to the tranquil “Temple of the Buddha’s tooth at Kandy”. On the following day we went to a hill station called Nuwara Eliya which had vast expanse of tea gardens. On our third day we headed towards Galle which was famous for the Galle Fort and its turtle hatchery. The Galle fort is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument built by the Portuguese and later fortified by the Dutch. The Turtle Hatchery Project at Bentota Beach has endangered species of turtles which frequent a stretch on the undisturbed beach. The turtles are allowed to hatch and thrive in a protected area before being set free. I saw some fishermen setting free the turtles in the open sea. I pleaded with the manager to let me set free some turtles in the sea and imagine my joy when he agreed! We set off in a speed boat with the turtles in a box filled with water. As soon as we reached the sea I tipped over the box and saw the turtles swim away. After getting back I heartily thanked the manager for this endearing memory! I came back from there and crashed down on the bed of my hotel and fell into a deep slumber. The next day we headed towards the Yala National Park. The adventurous safari in an open jeep was a life time experience, where I saw many animals like deer, sloth bears, monkeys, peacocks, wild boars, elephants, crocodiles and a leopard. After having soaked in these sublime experiences, we departed the gorgeous country.

My trip to Sri Lanka was mesmerising and I enjoyed every bit of it. It has left me with everlasting memories of the illustrious island country.

संगीत एक प्रार्थना


संगीत एक महत्वपूर्ण पाठ है

संगीत एक सुंदर कला है
संगीत एक प्रार्थना है
जी सबके मन में झूमती और गूँजती है

संगीत एक वरदान है
संगीत बहुत महान है
संगीत एक विज्ञान है
संगीत सबका लाभ है
संगीत गुस्से का भाला है
पर संगीत ही तो प्रेम का धागा है
संगीत ही तो रिश्तों का बंधन है
और संगीत ही तो जीवन का सरगम है
मैने मेरी माँ से पूछा की संगीत क्या है
मेरी माँ ने कहा की संगीत एक नशा है
संगीत एक वादा है
और संगीत एक प्रार्थना है!