The Past: A lesson for the future

Past, present, future three phases of life,
And among them; PAST a lesson to touch the skies.
What is Past?
A lesson for future, is what they broadcast,
It’s like a small child’s lie; you do not repeat it but you don’t even forget it.
It tells us to think like never before and,
Tells us that there is something more to explore.
It also tells us,
Never overlook the faults and mistakes,
Learn from them.
Don’t remember it for the sake of it, instead,
Remember it as the idea or warning for the new step.
The past, tells us our destiny,
It reminds us of the mistakes we made accidentally,
It warns us for the every new step we take,
And deprivesus if we went through it or if it’s just at stake.
Thus, don’t forget the past,
Don’t hide it,
Don’t conceal it,
Until you know it’s the best time to showcase it.

Tirth Rathod
AVM Bandra(East)

Magic of Music

Music is a very important part of life. It is a form of expression .It
has no boundaries and it follows no guidelines. Essentially, to
me,music is like air.It has no true shape or definition yet we need it
to live.Imagine a world without music.All you are left with is dust.

Music is famous all over India.In Kashmir, music  reflects rich
musical heritage and cultural legacy of the state.Traditionally the
music  composed by ethnic Kashmir has a wide range by musical
influences  in composition .Due to Kashmir’s close proximity to
Central Asia ,Eastern Asia and Southern  Asia ,a unique blend of music
has evolved encompassing the music of the three regions .But overall
,Kashmiri Valley  music is closer to Central Asia music,using
traditional  Central Asian instruments and musical scales,while music
from Jammu is similar to that of North India  and Ladakhi music is
similar to the music of Tibet.

Punjab also plays an important roll in music in India.Punjabi music
has a diverse style of music has a diverse style of music ,ranging
from folk and Sufi to classical ,notably the Patiala gharana. Folk
music of Punjab is the traditional music of Punjab produced using the
traditional musical instruments.There is a wide range  of folk songs
for every occasion from birth to death including
marriage,festivals,fairs and religious ceremonies.

Now let’s come to Gujarat, where music is known for lively traditions
of both folk and classical music.Classical musicians and composers
include Faiyaz Khan and PanditOmkarnath Thakur. Along  with a
tradition of Haveli Sangeet, gujarati folk music consists of a wide
variety of songs ,some of them are bhajans.They are categorised by
theme of poetry -lyrics and by musical compositions such as
Prabhati,Katari,Dhol etc.

Maharashtra too  plays a very important role in Indian music.In
Maharashtra almost all cheerful occasions are associated with
music,song and dance.Maharashtra has a rich tradition of abundant folk
songs,Natayasangeet and outstanding poet saints.The fame of
traditional music of Maharashtra started through Miraj  ,the music
town of district sangli .Just like Maharashtra’s literature its music
is also classical and primordial.The sitar a world famed melodic
device is developed at Miraj.This is the uniqueness of the states of

Demon King Hiranyakashyap and his son Prahlad

By Tanaya Ranade, 5B, AVMBW

Hiranyakashyap the mighty demon king,
wanted his praise even above God
He wished all habitats of his kingdom
should worship him instead of the Lord.

Performing penance for Lord Brahma
he acquired all the magical powers.
Brahma got pleased with his austerities
and a boon of his choice, he offered.

O Lord! best giver of blessings
‘grant me the benediction that I desire.
Let me not meet the death from human
any insect or animal or any other .

Not inside or outside of any house,
neither on land nor on face of waters,
not in day light nor in darkness of night,
not by any of tools and weapon either.

Give me benediction I do not have rival
I must have lordship over all entities.’
He also got all the mystical powers and
to preside over all demons and deities.

Child Prahlad, his son gradually became
devotee of God making his father annoyed.
Angry Hiranyakashyap attempted to kill him
challenging, ‘to protect you call your God.’

The child was protected from all demonic attempts
by Lord Vishnu and his mystical powers.
This time tied with a pillar to be surely killed
for not accepting supremacy of his father.

With half of human body and half as lion
in form of Narsimha Lord Vishnu appeared.
In the twilight, neither the day nor night
put on his thighs, into him his nails pierced

God saved his devotee and the demon was killed
The way boon of Lord Brahma too, was fulfilled.