Along The Mountains

In this summer vacation I went to Matheran, a hill station in the Sahyadri mountain range. What makes Matheran special is that it’s the only hill station in the world where vehicles are not allowed. This unique feature takes you to the old days.

Matheran was discovered by a British Officer Mr. Mallet in 1850. Coincidentally I was in Matheran on its 167th birthday.  There is a vintage toy train that takes people from the base village of Neral to Matheran. The prime attraction is monkeys, who entertain you with naughty tricks all the time.Image result for matheran

Our aim was to do a trek. After brunch we started walking along the western rim of the hills. When I was looking around with binoculars, I spotted a huge honeycomb, thousands of bees were buzzing around it.

Matheran is a paradise for nature lovers. It provides you with fresh air and lots of greenery to cool you down. The horse rides along the muddy tracks are very thrilling. An annual visit to Matheran is a must for every Mumbaikar.


Dhyan Ashar


AVM Bandra West

Memories change every time we recall them

There is a game that we play known as Chinese Whispers. In this game people take turns whispering a message into the ears of the next person in line. By the time the last person speaks it out loud, the message has changed from the original. It has been altered with each person passing the message.

Our memory is a lot like this game. Whenever we remember an incident from the past, our brain makes a change in ways that can alter the later recall of the event. This means, when you remember this incident for the second time, you might not recall the original incident but what you remember the previous time.

Our memory cannot produce an image of the original incident by time travelling back to the original incident. The image can be somewhat distorted because of the prior times you remember it. You might recall not the original but what you remembered the previous time.



Vedika KherRelated image

Std. IV C

A.V.M B.W.

MUSIC – Gift Of The Gods

There are many forms of music. Sometimes music also helps a lot of people to recover from sickness and bring happiness in their souls. Music is a very good and relaxing way to fill your heart, mind and body with peace, joy and ecstatic moments. It is believed that music is a very precious gift given by the gods. It’s power is so strong that it will make you feel that you are filled with joy. It is your best friend and helps you in many ways. You can read it’s notes, sing with it and you can also dance with it. 

Priyal Didwania


A.V.M. B.W.


In the world not even one person is there who has not listened to music. Music is there in parties, festivals, cars, taxis but  99% of music is in our heart. My favourite song is Story of my life from One Direction. I love this song and I have heard it fifty-seven times. The first time I heard this song was when my sister put it on, on her phone. My mom says all songs have memories.

And in Hindi I like …… gosh there are so many songs ! I don’t know which one to choose. But if I have to choose one then it will be Party on my Mind from Race2. Every time in parties or get – togethers, I ask my father to put on Chittiyaan Kalaiyya because my younger cousin sisters love the song and they want me to teach them the dance! Then we play and laugh and there is joy inside us, but after they go just to remember them I put on the song and then I feel they are still there. Music brings peace to our heart, it calms you and all your worries go away.


Koel Addepalli 4-C

Music is the prayer every heart sings…


“He who sings, scares away his woes.”  “There is nothing in the world so much like prayer, as music is.” are some old, but apt quotes.


Some people like to listen to music, many people like to sing, while others, can play musical instruments. Music nourishes us in all its forms. It always makes us feel positive in our outlook to life. In Hindu mythology, Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, arts, wisdom, music & learning. She is shown playing the veena.


The Hindu deity lord Krishna is commonly depicted in a relaxed pose, playing a flute.  When lord Shiva plays the Damru, he plays Omkara – the sound of Aum.


Even in Greek mythology the god Orpheus was celebrated as a singer and lyre player and goddess Athena played the Aulos (Flute).

The Greeks also believed that music could have a beneficial effect on both the mind and body of the listener.


During festivals we celebrate by playing music.  It is a huge part of wedding celebrations in all cultures. Religious functions are incomplete without devotional music.

Hence we can easily conclude that music is a therapy that every person needs


Prisha Singh

Std IV C

V.C.W. A.V.M Bandra East