My trip to the Sundarbans

During my Diwali vacations, I visited the Sunderbans in West Bengal. We drove from Kolkata to Godkhali, which is a port. From here, we caught a ferry to Gosaba, an island in the Sundarbans. We stayed in a cottage opposite the Sundarban Tiger Reserve.

After resting for a short time, we took a boat ride to see the birds returning home for the night. We saw cranes, kingfishers, owls and storks. After sunset, we returned to our cottage for the night.

The next day, we woke up early and went to our boat. We then took a boat ride deep into the Sundarbans. We saw many mangroves. Our guide showed us Spotted deer, crocodiles and Water Monitor Lizards. We didn’t see the Royal Bengal Tiger, but we saw the tiger’s pug marks on the river bank.

That night, we enjoyed a meal of fresh sweet water fish and rice. Then, with our stomachs full, we sat in the lawn and counted the stars in the night sky.

The next day, we left the cottage with a heavy heart. We returned to Godkhali by ferry. My trip to the Sundarbans was truly unforgettable.

Kimaya Gavankar


Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (West)

On my way to ganapatipule

This year, we decided to take a trip to Ganpatipule on the west coast of Maharashtra during our summer break.

My mom woke me and my brother up at 4:30 am and we got ready in half an hour. By 5:30 a.m we were already on the road. We talked about a lot of things as we drove ahead,watching sun rising behind the hills. After a while, we stopped at a local dhaba for breakfast. After a scrumptious breakfast were back on the road. It was a long trip, almost 350 kms from Mumbai. By afternoon, we reached our destination. It was on a beautiful beach. After eating lunch, we took some rest in our cottage . Next, we went to the beach. We played in the water, made castles, played volleyball and football in the sand. I had never been to such a beach before. I loved it very much. Then I had my favourite Chinese cuisine for dinner.The next day we went to the Fort of Jaigarh. We drove along the coast. It was a very beautiful scenery. We enjoyed being at the Fort and had a wonderful day.

The next day I got up and packed my bags. After having breakfast, we left for Mumbai. This was one of my best vacations !


Aditya Soni


AVM Bandra West