The dried leaves were falling from the tall branches of trees, when Michelle woke up. “What a lovely morning “ , she said opening the curtains and looking at the red, yellow, purple and brown colour fallen leaves. Autumn was her favourite season. She was the youngest in her family and everyone loved her so much that she would always have her favourite things. After Michelle finished her schooling,  she got through an excellent university. But when she had her exams, things started to get tough. She was confident that she will pass and hence she didn’t study at all. She used to see other students study and used to wonder if they all have got through to this good university, then why study?! When it was time for the examination, she didn’t know a single answer. She started repenting her decision of being over confident of her intelligence and not studying. With all the random guesses she made, she failed the exam. She went home weeping and told her mother about all that had happened. Her mother hugged her and explained, “Michelle, you should be thankful to God that through this bad experience, he made you learn a lesson. Now in the future, you will never be unprepared for a test.” Michelle understood her mistake. Next year, she studied very hard and not only did she pass the exam, she even topped her university. This became a pattern and she topped the next year also. When she went home, she told her mother, “Thanks mom for teaching me such a valuable life lesson. Now I know that the past is actually a lesson for the future.” Her mother was lit up, feeling confident that her child is ready for the future by not considering mistakes as mistakes but learnings.