I’ve read about space in few of my story books and that has fascinated me. We live on the planet called earth, which is the only planet with life in the entire galaxy .Our galaxy’s name is Milky Way galaxy.NASA is the biggest research center in USA where many scientists work together on space. it is my dream to become an astronaut to get an opportunity to visit space.I want to sit in a rocket and explore the universe I even want to sit in a spacesuit and do long jumps on each and every planet.I want to make a house on a new planet where I will plant lots of trees And build a park. Then I will put some slides and swings and play. Since I will be on a new planet I would like to feel the sand and feel the atmosphere I would also check the distance between my planet and earth to see how far I would be from my family. As ill be close to the stars, I’ll take my space shuttle there and take a stroll to see the sparkling and twinkling there and from there I would go to the moon and see if there is a rabbit out there as the myths says. Would click pictures of the whole moon and collects some rocks and some stones in a pouch to show my friends. When I go back during my expedition in space I will discover a new planet and name it Milano because it’s my favorite cookie. Now that am missing home it’s time for me to leave space with all my good memories and an experience of being an astronaut. I’m embarking on my journey for my way back home.


YATHARTH KALSI                                                                                                                                                                             3-C                                                                                                                                                                                               AVM BANDRA WEST