May 27, 2017 Time – Six Twenty eight

I set out for space and I cannot be late


In my shuttle, on my way to space

I’m ready for any danger I could face


First, I circle around the sun

It makes one feel like a blinded one


Then I travel on to Mercury

It’s so hot that you can feel its fury


Next I move on to explore Venus

To go there, I am the keenest


Cos Venus is the Goddess of Beauty

Who knows, this planet can make me a Cutie??!


Then to Mars which was very red

Someday man will live here, it is said!


Thereafter to Jupiter and its moon Titan

And it’s big red storm that can really frighten


After that to see Saturn and its rings

The planet seems like it has wings


Now to Uranus whose orbit is unknown

This planet has a mind of its own.


Last to Neptune, all beautiful and blue

Like a sea in space!! Oh! What a view!!


Finally, I head back to Earth

The unique planet that gave me birth


December 30, 2017 Time – Ten Fifty Four

I’m back on my planet but I thirst for more!


Ayanna Raj


AVM Juhu