Centuries ago, Isaac Newton invented certain laws

Which indeed had many flaws,

But step by step he showed his might,

By proving the extraordinary power of his mind.

Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin

 Invented an important instrument of our time,

The thermometers we use today ,

When People care for us at times.

Not inventions that is,

Discoveries matter too,

All the scientists who discover  diseases,

And help in their treatment too.

But all this was long ago,

In the times of Chacha Nehru and Gandhi Ji,

Today 71 years after independence,

We still carry on the ventures forth,

Through different ways of technology.

NASA, ISRO and many other renowned space stations,

Tell us about the world outside earth,

Which we didn’t know even existed,

Extra terrestrials, did we?

They were unknown.

But don’t you think its cool to say,

Where our world is going,

Looking at the kids of the current age,

What are they doing!!!!

Books have been replaced by kindles,

Radios by ipods too,

Google by amazons alexa,

And knowledge with yahoo.

But it isn’t a good thing to call this bad,

For we know that we are progressing,

Even though not by the means of the old ways

But knowing that the future is in safe hands,

Of the many generations yet to come,

They will surely have the plan.

Reality is nothing but science,

For everything is so natural as well,

But don’t worry my fellow humans,

The apple will still fall from the tree my friend.

–           Swaraa Sule

–           8 C

–            VCW Arya Vidya Mandir