Science is a very diverse field of study. It seeks to provide explanations
about how things occur, answer questions on various topics and discover
new things.
Science is divided into 3 main groups which are further divided many
times. Different branches of the same main science focus on different
things. For example Biology focuses on living things and under Biology,
zoology focuses on animals and botany focuses on plants. But this does
not mean that the sciences do not have connections with one another and
it also does not mean that sometimes, the findings in one do not help solve
mysteries unearthed in another science.
Science along with mathematics forms the backbone of the things we do
and use everyday. Science exists in all things that we do from throwing a
ball to travelling in a vehicle and much much more. Science affects all
things big and small from a marble to a planet and most of all, science
seeks to unveil the truth. Thus, science is a reflection of reality.

Pranav Harikrishnan

AVM Juhu