Science: Reflection of reality

“Without a belief that it is possible to embrace the reality with our theoretical models, there could be no science. This belief is and always will be the main motive of all scientific work”, these insightful lines by Albert Einstein have always left a scar on my heart and mind. They substantiate the need for science in this world, without which everything man sees and knows to see will be a myth and will have occurred by magic. To understand this we must have an insight on what arose in the fifteenth century by the church and the men.
The fifteen century was a period of total mishap three parties ruled, namely- the priests, the scientists and mathematicians, and the Illuminati. In the narrow minds of the denizens the only things that existed were the primitive men and their religion. The universe was created by god and he was the supreme power in the universe. Under these circumstances the church made people believe, the Earth was at the centrum of the solar system and all the planets and the sun orbited it. Then came the mathematicians and the scientists who applied logic and maths to these assumptions and proclaimed that what the priests said was incorrect.
The church irked at this declaration and decided to supress these individuals. Few years later these scientists formed a secret organization called the Illuminati. They were the ones who believed that the universe was not only made by god but also science, also that religion and science were partners. Galileo one of the astronomers through his invention of the telescope showed the world that what Aristotle and Copernicus said was inaccurate; the sun was at the centre of the solar system and all the planets rotated around it in fixed orbits. Soon after, the Illuminati were abolished.Science took a step forward into the land of unknown and unseen.
On the bases of the General theory of relativity by Albert Einstein, physicians developed new equations to understand the laws of nature. Later Quantum Mechanics, one such discovery, was obtained by scientists like Werner Heisenberg, Max Born, and Erwin Schrödinger. They defined the fundamental particles in nature and brought to the knowledge of the people what made the odds of nature. If we move ahead to 2012, we learn about how CERN (The Council of European Nuclear Research) using Einstein’s formula E=mc2 tried to form The Big Bang in a particle collider. Through that we discovered the Higgs Boson and understood what the base, of all matter in the universe was.
It implicates that science is evolutionary and unveils its hidden secrets sometimes adding a new dimension to the existing theory and sometimes totally debunking them, I couldn’t stop thinking what next?

~Navya Mahendru, Class 8B, Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra West