It has always amazed me, how we were once cavemen- shelter and hunting were our only priorities, aggression and drawings on cave walls were the only languages we knew, and civilization was far, far away- and now, not only have we touched the sky, we’ve gone far beyond it, too. We’ve explored all the land there is, and we’ve taken science deep into underwater trenches and dense forests and high mountains.

Do you remember how it all started? Man saw nature, observed it, and called the conclusions he arrived at ‘science’.  Science is nothing but the reality man can understand. It’s his version of reality. You see, man saw birds flying, and wanted to do the same. So he invented the airplane. He saw fish swimming, and today he can achieve that with the help of a wide variety of his own inventions: from flippers to submarines to ships. He harnessed the energy of waterfalls and lightning and fire (steam). And he didn’t stop there. He’s never stopped, in fact. He teaches himself constantly, ceaselessly. Where from, you ask? Reality.

The truth is, the fabric of reality is stitched together by science. Man doesn’t invent science; he uncovers it.

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