Science is a way of life. It takes us, from confusion to understanding. Science teaches us not to blindly believe anything but out how things work. Science is not merely a subject we study in school. But it is around us everywhere. Everything we do in our daily lives consists of science; from using a simple calculator, to closing of a door, seesaw in the park, melting and freezing of water, computers, iPads, Phones, the list is endless, Science has always fascinated me since I was a child. I used to often wonder the working of different machines. Now when I am able to understand why and how things happen my curiosity. By leaps and bounds, My eyes lit light up with wonder when I read about Artificial Intelligence, robots, Virtual Reality etc. This wants me to explore, innovate and invent, Science for me is the greatest adventure story that has been unfolding for thousand years and will continue to unfold in the times to come.

Jashn Singh Arora