On the 21st of December, Master Rohan Date, graced us with his presence to paint us a picture of the general difficulties of life and some of the hardships that he faced. He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his brain. he graduated from Arya Vidya Mandir in 2016 and since has been through many difficulties. He wanted to teach us about the fact that life is precious and wanted to emphasize the importance of valuing whatever we have in life and not take things for granted. He had an open mindset and looked for positivity in his life instead of letting himself drown in negativity. In his heart he knew that things would get back to normal with the support of his friends and family.
He never gave up hope, as the people surrounding him kept feeding him with optimism and didn’t give up on him. His first surgery took place in Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai. He travelled to the United States for enhanced treatment and health facilities and was admitted in one of the best children’s hospital in the world, St. Judes. He informed us about the facilities and people who were admitted there. His neighbour was a nine-year old girl who was diagnosed with leukemia due to which she had to have her leg amputated. She was one of his inspirations as she always had a smile on her face. Rohan went through nine intense surgeries to win the battle against cancer. He underwent very serious and painful chemo and radiation therapies but he wasn’t deterred as the doctors and surgeons who treated him were trusted by him completely. After his numerous sufferings, he defeated cancer.
He gave us another fire in our hearts and another perspective towards life. He taught us how to appreciate every small thing in life that comes our way and how to unlock our hidden inner strength which is present within each one of us. We thank him deeply for building this in us which will definitely be an integral part of our life henceforth.

We whole heartedly thank him for spending this time with us, as he may not be there on Earth anymore but he will always rest in our hearts due to his moving speeches and his inspiring stories……

~ Vaagisha Kanwar, Editorial team, Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra West