“Reservation quota cripples the society”. Now, how many of you’ll actually tend to agree with this statement? Well, I’m sure that you’ll will say it is not fair to the general category students that the S.C.S.T and OBC students have lower cut-offs for college and university entrances. However, what you all fail to understand is that these students are struggling much more than the others. Neither do they have access to a constant supply of electricity nor to efficient transport facilities. Can you imagine studying under these circumstances? I’m sure not. So let me tell you that this is just the basic struggle of most S.C.S.T and OBC students and thus, these children usually do not score as well as the general category children. Today, it is not about providing equality, but equity. Equality refers to providing everyone with equal resources. On the other hand, equity refers to providing everyone with enough to make them all equal and that is precisely what the reservation quota does. In addition to this, it helps in removing one of the biggest evils of our society, which is discrimination on the basis of class and caste. One of the victims of this social evil was Hari Pippal, a Dalit millionaire. Hari pippal has been through times when he slept beside his six sisters and eight brothers on a pavement and was discriminated by his teachers for being a Dalit. He was not even allowed to touch others’ food and water.Since his surname, too, identifies him as a dalit, he named his first company ‘people’s export’, which sounded the same but did not have the same negative connotion. However, today the reservation quota provides the oppressed classes with an opportunity to interact with the other students and prove themselves equal to them. Another example of reservation quota benefiting the lower castes is in the story of Kalpana Saroj, who, again, is a successful entrepreneur today. She was born in roperkheda village in Maharashtra and married at the age of 12 into a Mumbai-based family, where she was physically abused. She even tried to commit suicide after being rescued by her father. Later she shifted back to Mumbai with her uncle and eventually, used the government aid for scheduled castes to start her tailoring business and then a furniture store. Now, I am quite sure we are all aware of the miserable condition of the scheduled castes and tribes before the partition. They were actually called ‘untouchables’, a term which no human deserves to be associated with, and let me tell you that the conditions prevalent today are much better than what they used be.The only reason we have managed to abolish this disgusting title and transform these miserable conditions, is the reservation quota. Without it, these oppressed classes would have never made it to the government bodies and would thus, have no one to present their needs, conditions and miseries before the government. Now tell me, how many of you’ll still think that the reservation quota is an unfair system? I hope not many. Lastly I would like to talk about the so called society. So, what exactly is society?  Society is us, we are the society and it is nothing but our mentality that defines this society. So if we cannot be compassionate, considerate and sympathetic to our own brethren, then it is our mentality that cripples the society, and not the reservation quota.

Myeisha Tibb


AVM Juhu