By Anagha V Giri, Class 7C, AVMBW

To Ayodhya’s great King Dashrath,
Was born a princely boy,
who was destined to bring to his subjects
great happiness and joy.
At oral lessons, due to his memory,
he was undoubtedly the best,
at sword fighting and horse riding,
he excelled among the rest.
King Janak’s daughter Sita,
rose up from inside the earth,
Throughout his whole kingdom,
spread happiness and mirth.
Sita grew up to be humble,
softspoken and kind,
King Janak decided that for her,
a worthy suitor he must find.
At Sita’s swayamvara,
Rama looked at Sita first,
and then cracked Shiva’s mighty bow
with one percussive rebounding burst!
Sadly, for them, “Happily ever after”
was not at all to be,
“Straight to the forest”  was for them,
Lakshman,she and he.
For an old hag, a maid of Kaikeyi’s,
who was really mean, sly and vile,
Kept troubling the queen, saying ‘Give the throne
to Bharat! And send Ram – Lakshman to exile!’
She poisoned Kaikeyi’s mind, till the queen
ordered Dashrath to do so,
And he agreed with a heavy heart,
watched Ram, Lakshman and Sita go.
He died of course, which only shows,
He should not have let them go.
In the forest, Sita was kidnapped,
by Ravan, who wouldn’t give her back,
for he was proud and haughty ,
and thus ensued a war.
Mythology isn’t superstition,
it’s stories, you can find ’em,
Diwali, Dusshera, all of these have

The Ramayan’s stories behind ’em.