Why do we have to maintain ‘peace’ among all the people in the society? This is because people are becoming violent with each other. Violence arises mostly from from two factors.

Firstly, violence takes place when there is a lot of discrimination among the people in our society. People are divided into different types on the bases of of their race,caste,religious background and economic condition. The people of higher classes enjoy more freedom whereas people of lower classes are deprived of their cultural rights . Some people divide others into ‘blacks’ and ‘whites’, ‘Hindus’ and ‘Muslims’, ‘rich’ and ‘poor’. All people should enjoy economic and social equality.

Secondly, people become violent when they are angry. Anger mostly arises when people are frustrated,stressed,insecure and distrusted. Somewhere, anger and discrimination are interrelated to each other. People become frustrated and stressed when they are not given equal rights and are denied jobs on basis of their religion, caste, race, etc. and are distrusted.

When such people face deprivation , they are more vulnerable to become violent criminals. Crimes are divided into two types: unorganised crimes and organised crimes. At first, these people perform crimes in which they easily get money. The local gangs and petty criminals are a part of such crimes. These are mostly chain snatchers, small thefts, pick pocketers, protection money collectors and drug peddlers. They are organised repeat offenders who slowly and gradually turn into big mafias or seasoned criminals who perform crimes such as drug trafficking, boot legging, gambling, extortion, kidnapping, smuggling, arms trading and human trafficking which are all highly organised crimes.

So, from this we can conclude that violence is due to three main factors: widely distinct and heterogenous structure of society, social imbalances and social diversity. Children and young people can come together and promote peaceful living.

As rightly said in Sanskrit- ‘ Vasudev Kutumbakam’ which means that the universe is one big family, should be the motto of the current generation to promote peace in the society.

The children should strike out the main and root causes of violence – Lack education, Lack of opportunities such as employment, basic needs, food, clothes, houses and medical aids and finally poverty. There are a few ways by which youth can promote peace.

Firstly, communication between the poor and other people of the society is must. Equality and mutual respect should be promoted amongst all.
Secondly, empathy should be promoted amongst all. The people should listen to the problems of poor people and do something in their favour. They should see from the other person’s perspective and understand them.
Thirdly, a wide network of like minded children and youth should be created and expanded. Fourthly, children and youth can save a prt from their pocket money, collect it  and spend it on the education of the underprivileged and poor children who cannot afford money for their education.

Lastly to conclude, children should lead the change at their level, i.e. the grass root of violence to maintain peace in the society.

Hriday Desai
AVM Juhu