Everyone has made mistakes in the past,

But you should learn from your mistakes fast.

By losing in the past; in the present you win,

Do not repeat the mistake, repeating it is a sin.


The teacher named past it is the greatest of all,

It tutors us to stand after we fall.

No matter what ,it never gives up on us,

It will do its job, even if it has to make us fuss.


The past also has great achievements to show,

When today becomes yesterday these achievements will grow.

The invention of zero and Ayurveda are some that I name.

They glorify our country and bring us fame.

There were several wars and ill practices in the past,

Along with discrimination based on colour and caste.

The present has learnt and now the world is a better place,

Let’s hope that these social ills are uncommon to the next era of our race.


Thanks to the past, now we know what to do,

We detach the evil and the good things we glue.

We know what’s important and what is a waste of time,

We know that the negative is to be removed and positive is to mime.


The present will knock, when the past will go,

But the roots remain same and the same scars to show.

It makes you stronger, falling in the past is no shame,

Take life as it comes, enjoy the game!


Krish Chandnani