‘The time that has gone by will never come back, so there is no point about thinking about the past’ This is the thought process of many people in the world, but is this thought process right? If I was asked the same question, I would say NO, this thought process needs to be changed, some people may disagree but according to me it is one thing that needs to be done, and everyone should implement this.


Some people may have had very bad experiences which they would never want to think about in their life, but they should, if they have made some mistakes, they can learn how to make amends next time such a situation comes their way. It can be a very important learning which can help them throughout their life. Some people may think that the some incidents can never take place again, but you never know and learning from ur mistakes and working towards them can be very useful. If you make a mistake, you should not lose hope but you should work on your mistakes and become a better person. Everyone may have gone through embarrassing situations where they may have lost hope, but they should not give up. Incidents like these have been experienced by me, many times, and the first time, i made a mistake, i set a goal in my mind, to work towards these mistakes of mine. I remember the previous year, in one of my football competitions, 50 seconds were left and we were trailing when we received a golden opportunity in the form of a penalty, and the chance to score was bestowed upon me,  i went to take the shot, and i took it with power and was dismayed to see that the ball had sailed over the crossbar, all my teammates were mad at me and i was terrified, sad and i felt tremendous guilt for letting my team down, i was almost going to leave football when my parents explained to me how important it is to face your fears and problems than to run away from them, and they advised me to work harder to solve those problems than to avoid them, so i took their advice, visualised my mistake, saw where i went wrong and practiced everyday to work towards that mistake of mine, after a few months, i came across a similar situation, but this time knowing the mistakes i had made last time, and having the knowledge of rectifying them, i did not make any mistake and scored the goal. This way i realised how important it is to know the mistakes you have made, accept them and work hard so that these mistakes don’t repeat themselves.


This way i learned a big lesson in my life and it is a valuable learning which i will never forget. It is these valuable learnings that will help you to have a good and bright future with no regrets.


“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.”

Nityan Bakshi


AVM Juhu