I knew I had to accomplish my dream

So I put together a wonderful team

We were all experts on outer-space

In our field, each one was an ace


Day 1 we took off in a shuttle

We knew we had to prove our mettle

Our costumes were large, the journey rough

But our mission was clear and we were tough


Day 62, we reached the red planet – Mars

It looked even better than the stars

Oh no, our fuel was going down fast

We needed to find a way to make it last


Day 64, luckily, we found some kryptonite

This would keep us going for time infinite

Now we’re headed for planet Saturn

With no worries about how much fuel we burn


Day 92, we are at Saturn and can see its rings

It’s not possible to explain the joy that it brings

Finally, we’re headed to the awesome planet Neptune

We’d reach in a jiffy because of the bright light of the moon.


Day 117, we’ve reached Neptune

It’s so beautiful, clearly a boon.

The shades of blue mixed together

Look as delicate as a feather.


We stopped in Neptune for 12 days,

To look for any means of water ways.

This was our Neptune mission,

To make life here more than just fiction.


We toiled and toiled and learned all we could

If there was something to find, we knew we would

With our research and technology intact

We could make life on Neptune a super duper fact


Day 130 we are now geared to return

To see our family, we now yearn

Day 189 – with our findings on Earth we came,

And garnered plenty of wealth and fame.


Ansh Raj


AVM Juhu