Lets have a world without plastic,
For humans this change would be drastic,
It doesn’t decompose till years,
It is the cause of mother earth’s tears.

When in the rivers it reaches the fishes,
It becomes a part of their dishes,
They end up eating this toxin,
Which is created by the human.

It is a trash which we shouldn’t be using,
It is the cause of the environment’s bruising,
It is a venom which we humans have produced,
Everywhere on earth it is being used.

Plastic bags are all over the place,
Why don’t we use cloth bags to replace?
Lets eliminate this harmful devil,
Lets reach a healthy environmental level.

Plastic cutlery which looks white,
Are found resting in the damp sites,
Plastic is non degradable in nature,
Prevent it to save our earth for the kids in future.

If we work together to succeed,
Then soon we will indeed!,
Lets get rid of this killer causing pollution,
Not using it anymore is the only solution.

-Krish Kheskani


AVM Juhu