A child enters the school,

with a bag full of books along,

Not only do children study,

but also learn what is right and wrong.


Values and dreams are also developed here,

It is a divine journey enjoyed by every child  fully,

but this delightful experience turns into nightmare,

when he comes across a devil called bully.


“Don’t call me fatso!”,I have a name,

This is what a child cries out of shame,

What is his mistake?

Is he the one to blame?


Being fair is a necessity,

Only then you are considered pretty,

Or you will be tagged as ugly,

By the devil called bully.

Colour or shape does not define beauty,

To stop bullying is every students duty.


Bullies are like the wolves,

They always hunt in  pack,

The bullied one is a quiet lion,

As no one has his  back.




Many children have such story untold,

As they could not ever be that bold,

Complaining could make the bully angrier than before,

They fear that they will have to suffer even more.


These helpless ones always experience exclusion,

As the dictator bully prevents their inclusion,

They are  lonely,depressed and isolated,

They start feeling that they are hated,

No one wills to object and speak out loud,

As it is easier to follow the crowd.


I wonder when these devils will realise,

I hope one day the witnesses open their eyes,

I hope there is an end to this game,

The  enjoying observers who don’t report it are also to blame.


The fellow witnesses come in pressure of peers,

If they were on a driving seat,

Not they but  the bully group steers,

They flatter the devil group to gain fame,

They keep quiet and don’t complain,

This is how they play their selfish game.


So no one wills to take a stand,

Isn’t there anyone to understand?,

This is what the bullied one feels,

There is a pain in his heart which never heals,

Such students suffer also at home everyday,

Due to cyber bullying which has come into play.


For the bully this is a joyful ride,

But this kills the bullied ones mind deep inside,

For the bully this might seem cool,

But the innocent one starts hating school,

The bullies show great arrogance,

As they have never faced ignorance.


Lets together stop this misdeed,

Lets help the ones who are bullied,

Think if you were in their position,

Lets make stop bullying a new year resolution.

Krish Kheskani


AVM Juhu