Astronomy is worth gazing ,

Through my telescope amazing ,

Oh ! heavenly celestial bodies I see ,

Some very far away , some close to me .


Universe made up of galaxies many ,

Black holes , Nebulae , The Big Bang Theory ,

Our Milky Way galaxy stands among them bright ,

The Solar System from which has its birthright .


The Sun , a hot ball of gases in the centre ,

Jupiter and Saturn the Solars mentor ,

We study meteors , asteroids and shooting stars ,

Constellations of various shapes ; 88 numbered jars .


Rotation and Revolution we know ,

Day and Night , Seasons , Waxing and Waning of the moon to glow,

Our Scientists send satellites in space ,

Moons , new planets , Saturn’s rings and stars they grace.

Pluto is not a planet any more ,

Neither a planet or satellite , just a folklore ,

It’s journey around the Sun is 248 earth years ,

A day on Pluto is 6 days and 8 hours , a very slow year .


Astronomers now exoplanets find ,

Exoplanets revolving around other stars and their kind ,

Liquid water in these stars is found ,

Life may exist then in new planets revolving them around .


Earth has oxygen , water and life ,

If no water , living a strife ,

The atmosphere keeps us nice and warm,

Renews  the ozone which keeps us away from harm .


Did you know India put 104 satellites in space ,

Puts a beaming smile on my face ,

I feel an Indian so proud ,

Astronomy is truly fascinating , I say aloud !


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      Swaraj Palkar

      Std : 8 B

      Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra West