I vividly remember those days when I felt sad about not having a younger sibling.

Soon my prayers were answered! I finally had a companion in my lovely baby sister. I fondly recollect the day she was born.  I went to the hospital and carried her in my arms. The look in her eyes when she first saw me is something that I will never forget for years! I felt extremely happy as a sister when she uttered my name for the first time.Related image

Every passing year since then has been more and more memorable. She jokes, plays, fights and even complains about me but our love for each other has only increased. Today when I flip through the old photos, all those fond memories come gushing to me.

My sister is very caring and loving. She is always there to comfort me when I feel low. She is my life companion in whom I can confide my secrets just as I share many a funny moment. Life without her is truly unimaginable!

Ananya Golikere

8 C

A.V.M B.W.