My favorite hobby is martial arts, many of my friends and I go for martial arts classes as well. We all enjoy a lot. We do Taekwondu, Gymnastics, Karate,etc. Martial arts is also like a safe space for me. Doing martial arts is a very good thing.I am sure i will reach black belt in no time. In martial arts there are many activities like deep breathing.

For me, martial arts is very interesting. I like Gymnastics the most especially since it is really interesting. I love it too much and I can do many stunts such as hand stand, Chakrasan, Hallasan, snake posture,etc.We do many interesting things and play a lot of interesting games like in and out, the one leg hop, Kho Kho,etc.I enjoy martial arts as it is interesting and fun. I love it a lot.

Ishita Hassanandani