Music is something you only hear and feel but cannot see. Hence it helps us to connect with our inner selves and with each other.


I always used to think that music is made of seven sounds SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI SA – called the Sargam. Until one morning when I went for a nature trail walk with my parents, during my recent holiday. The place was full of trees. There were different kinds of birds and creatures. I was amazed to hear different sounds there. Each and every sound was different and soothing. It started raining suddenly. We sat down under a tree listening to the vivid sounds around us.


I realized music is all around us. It is in the tiny raindrops that fall on the leaves, chirping of the birds at dawn, wind that blows, leaves moving with breeze. Or the sounds of the waves touching the shore, morning bells at the temple and so on. Then I thought deeper, who is this great musician who had created all these? God the almighty! He is the greatest musician! And all these little sounds are little prayers in His glory


No wonder they say ‘Music is a prayer which every heart sings’.


Navya Goenka


AVM – Bandra East