Late at night when I’m in bed,
A thousand tunes play in my head.
Lively and eventful tunes, 
ones that play when you chase goons.
Sad tunes, chase-y tunes, and orchestral ones too, 
March past, funerals, ones that make you want to move.
I marvel at the different types of music that there are, 
And writing or composing some can make you a star.
Classical, jazz, psychedelic, pop,
Boy bands, western, waltz, tango, hip hop!
Music is music to the ears of all, 
whether they’re at a concert, event competition or ball.
Music has got people out of depression, 
Spreading feelings is music’s mission.
Some people say that music was there when no one else ever was, 
Now don’t you think that music deserves a huge round of applause?
The power of music is vast indeed, 
for people with spare time as well as people in need.
It could make you feel happy or nostalgic,
could make you recollect memories or be homesick.
How is one to sleep at night with all this in their head?
I don’t know but I somehow managed to get some sleep instead.
By – Anagha Giri
         8 B
         A.V.M. B.W.