The melodious and swift tunes, the soothing herb, Music is the prayer which is akin to connecting with GOD. Music is a form of worship, a source of ultimate relief. It has the inbuilt properties of healing and curing which is amicable to the soul of the body.

Music is the elixir of life. In situations of stress , it provides for a calming, pleasant state of mind. Even in dire situations like those of getting into road traffic, any kind of music sung or played will result in relief. When one is stressed or is tense, singing vocal classical songs or playing an instrument will indeed relax you instantly and help in building a positive, good state of mind.  This is the magic of music, the beauty of beats, the harmony of hearts, the cure of crime, Music  is the science of the strings & notes and the art of the impossible.

Music is all around us through its various forms in nature such as the chirping of birds, whistling of waves, whiff of the winds,  pitter patter of rain drops, swaying of trees. We can feel it in all elements of nature. Music is priceless and it is the prayer that every heart sings !   It is the only one thing that has the potential to transform moods from sad to happy, change behavior from anger to calm and lend a certain balance and calm to a personality.  It is the soul of life and every heart sings it.

Music as a prayer today could be a certain cause of peace, integrity and harmony among all. It is our duty and responsibility to preserve it.  ‘OM’ is a sacred sound, it is the purest form of music which resonates in the Universe.

The World needs  Music  than ever before to calm humanity, soothe nerves and promote brotherhood. The language of Music is Universal and appeals to one and all.  Whether it is the African beat, the melody of the sitar, the strumming of the Spanish Guitar, the beautiful sound of the church bells, chanting of the mantras, the hymns of the Monastery, the bhajans, the qawwalis, the renditions and evocations of the Almighty is through Music.  Whether it is the bass of the tabla or the folk lore singing of a tribal, the musical beats of Michael Jackson and the lively singing of Shakira  or the beautiful melody of Lata Mangeshkar ,  the heart and soul start swinging to every musical tone.  Music is truly Universal extending from the farthest reaches of the Universe to stirring the smallest cells of the body.

What gives us happiness and purifies our minds, hearts and souls has infinite reach and is ubiquitous , utopian and unifying could only be Music which binds, a prayer which every heart sings .