As quoted by Hans Andersen “where words fail, music speaks”, music is a piece of love which every heart sings. It leaves an impression in your heart whenever you hear it. The uniqueness in music is seen everywhere. An example of a musician in India is Sir Ravi Shankar who is a sitarist. In 1956, he began to tour the world playing Indian classical music and made it famous. Whether it is in Punjab or in Gujarat, music is same everywhere.

Punjab the famous place for farming is popular for the music of the Dhols and  Drums. The punjabi folk songs follow these instruments. It is also famous for it’s Bhangra and Gidda dance.

Maharashtra is mostly famous as a tourist attraction, but it is also well known for it’s instruments like Manjha’s and Iktara’s and many other instruments. It is also famous for it’s  beautiful moves of Lavani.

Gujarat, a place of kites is also famous for its Garba dance, a famous dance performed by the Gujaratis during the Navratri festival.

Even though India is a country of different foods, clothes and people, it is united by it’s music.