Maharashtra is well known for its vibrant and music a tradition carried out from its classical forms from the medieval times when the “Sangitratnakara” was written by SharangDev in the 13th century. It has also given birth to famous musical legends like Bhimsen Joshi, PanditJasraj, LataMangeshkar, BalGandharva, KishoriAmonkar and many more. One of the earliest forms of music is the NatyaSangeet, performed on stage. NarayanraoRajhauns, also known as BalGandharava is the master of NatyaSangeet. Apart from this, folk music is also an important form of entertainment. Bhaleri, is a song that cheers up the working farmers. Palane is a Maharashtrian lullaby. Other forms of folk music are Bhajan, Bharud, Gondhal, Kirtan, Lalita, Abhangas and Tumbadi.
The Culture of Maharashtra is well preserve by its subjects and every festival witnesses the musical extravaganza.  The attractive women dancing and singing with the background music of Dolki(drum), Manjeera(cymbals), Tuntuni ( a single string instrument), Duf (a tambourine) and harmonium. The musical beats that pump the adrenaline of the spectators as well is supported by the ankle bells (Ghungroo).