Music and mythology have an ancient connection. We must look at mythology to really see the significance that Indian music has to Indian society.

Once, a long time ago, during the transitional period between two Ages it so happened that people took to uncivilized ways and were ruled by lust and greed.  Seeing this plight, Lord Indra and the other gods approached Lord  Brahma and requested him to give the people a toy, but one which could not only be seen but heard and this should form a diversion.

They decided to give the celestial art of sangeet to mankind. The great sage Narada was the first mortal recipient of this divine art. Classical music is considered more than mere entertainment; it is a moral and spiritual redeemer.  Therefore, the divine qualities inherent in the art form imply certain prerequisites; key among them are guru(teacher), vinaya (humility) and sadhana (discipline).


Anisha Kenia

Class 5 C