Music is one of the most important and powerful influences in everyone’s lives.

Broadly categorizing music into 2 Genres – Indian & Western.

Western -There are different genres in music such as Pop,Electro House,Deep house, Retro, Rock, EDM, Jazz, Reggaeetc. which appeal to different people according to their preferences &moods.

I personally prefer EDM(Electronic Dance Music) which is a broad term covering sub-genres of dance music like, House, Electro, Techno & Deep etc.

Some of the most common names in EDM are Avicii, Hardwell, Swedish House Mafia, The Chain-Smokers amongst millions of music producers; also to mention current trending popular artist Alan Walker.

Music availability has also transformed over the years from analog to now digital sources like mp3s & wave files which can be downloaded or streamed across various apps like Saavn, iTunes & the most popular music app – YouTube.

Indian – Indian music is largely popularized by Bollywood. Some of the notable singers are Arijit Singh, Badshah, Amit Trivedi, Sunidhi Chauhan etc.

The genres in Indian music are Classical, Folk music and Modern Bollywood Music. Some of the most famous Bollywood songs are sung by Badshah and Arijit Singh currently.Bollywood is the most famous genre of Indian music.

Music is an essential and integral part of my life and I cannot imagine living without it because it not only helps me but everyone emotionally and gives us the confidence to deal with situations in life.

I hear music depending on my varying moods, which change my state of mind and emotions.

Listening to different genres of music gives us more information about bands and singers which eventually lead to healthy conversations.

To some students music is habitual during their study time as it gives them a break or energy to study, and for some it is like yoga which keeps a hormonal balance in their body.

I love to sit in my balcony staring at the sea with my headphones; listening to soft and calm music.

Music gives us peace, relief and makes us healthy; mentally and spiritually. We usually hear music while playing indoor games.

I love music since childhood, it has been a strong influence in my family and shall continue to be with me forever.…                                                                                                THE END…

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