Music is the greatest creation of man, which touches the soul and also helps man to sympathetically manifest unspoken desire and humanity in him. The effect of music in man is what that separates him from other animals. Due to the high effect of music in the life of human being, it is capable of breaking boundaries to unit people from different background and cultural heritage. Indeed, there is lots to say about music being one of the most important factors in the life of human being of all races and religions.

Music is the one thing that can appeal to millions of people from different parts of the world and uplift them emotionally. For that reason, music can easily be used as a sign of peace-offering when there is chaos between people of different origin and background. 

Whether you are a music enthusiast or not, the best way you can express your feelings: anger, love, passion, joy etc is simply through music. It is rightly said that when words and letters fail the next best option is music. You will be able to express the intent of your heart through music which ordinarily may not be possible for you to either do in words or letters.

In most cases, doctors and therapists normally recommend soft music for their patients. This is because, with the effect of the music in the heart and entire being of a sick person, there will be revival of hope of living, joy of existence and happiness in the mind of the sick person making it easy for the him or her to respond positively to treatment.

Music can best be described as wonderful force that is capable of bonding people together and instituting international brotherhood, love as well as peace.

-Leela Addepalli