Every morning when we wake up our day starts with listening to the chirps of birds, the rustling of leaves, the ringing of the temple bell and moreover the noise of people on the streets. All of these seem so usual, but if you actually listen to it peacefully; it is music.

For some of us music may just be an activity which we do when we are free. For some it may also be something useless, but at the same time it may also be a healer for somebody else.

Indian mythology tells us that music is prevalent even in the heavens. Goddess Saraswati plays the veena, lord Shiva plays the damru, Krishna plays the Bansuri, and Nandi plays the mridangam. When we go to a temple, a church, a mosque or a gurudwara we hear the havan, pooja, the mass, or the kirtan. This is a form of music. For that matter a child’s cry is also music.

All this makes it clearly evident that any sound that emphasizes on a feeling is music. Thus, music has the power to help and heal. It has the power to attack and defend. It is after all the prayer that every heart sings.

Kanika Kaur Chadha